Roof Trusses

Light Gauge Steel Roof Truss

Steel Roof Truss System provides for a total system approach to Light Gauge Steel Trusses' by providing both the hardware (self taping screw - zinc-plated and fixing accesories) and the software (computer programmes, manufacturing and installation knowledge).

Efficiently shaped C-sections in a truss resulting in a high performance yet practical structural solution.

Our software is highly advanced and intuitive. Its easy-to-use feature allows fast design through-put and includes detailed fabrication information in a single operation.


Prefabrication offers you the following advantages to your projects:
Low site workers requirement due to the simplified approach to construction
Reduction of building materials on your site – space is premium in today’s construction sites
Fast and clean because most of the preparation works are done in factory
Safer building site because we only employ highly skilled labourers and supervisors to conduct the works at site
COST REDUCTION due to an overall reduction in construction period
Expert knowledge of roof truss technology
Long established fabricator network staffed by experienced personnel

High quality G550 steel
Designed using proven roof tress software
Efficient section shapes
Consistent material properties
Structural warranty

May be factory or site fabricated
Fast & efficient jointing
Specialised fixing accessories
Consistency of fabricated shapes
No shrinkage or warping
Anti-corrosion coating
Dimensionally stable
No further treatment or painting required
QC tests on in-coming steel for
- Anticorrosion coating mass
- Tensile strength
QC tests on finished products
- Dimension consistency
- Shape consistency


Decorative/ Exposed Timber Roof Truss

Most of the decorative timber are custom-made as per requested to meet clients or architects requirements with almost any curves, decorative profile and roof shape by our skilled workers under monitoring of experience manager at our factory. All the products quality are checked and delivered to the site as single complete units and can be speedily installed.

Our timber sources its sawn timber from established and reliable saw milers who understand our stringent quality requirement over the years. All incoming timbers are regarded by our own graders to ensure that meet standard quality requirements. All the graded timbers are preservative by pressure treated chamber.


Fascia Board

With our own surface planner machine, we are able to control the finishing for exposed rafters, fascia boards and other exposed timber members in order to produce the best quality products for our valued clients.

Therefore, we maintain a strong quality assurance department with qualified and well-trained quality inspectors to ensure that we meet or exceed the quality requirement of our clients. Riding on our company mission, we have long achieved the standard and quality required for international recognition.






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